Department of Human Resources

This department handles the person management within COA. It focuses on the formation, performance management and monitoring, and ensuring the well-being of the COA Executive Board (EB), Central Board (CB), Council of Representatives (COR) and Executive Teams (ExTeams)


  • Coordinated Formation Seminars and Trainings for the CB, COR and ExTeams
  • Evaluations and Monitoring System
  • Rewards and empowerment efforts
  • Council bonding
  • COA Tambay Week

Office of the Secretary-General

The Office of the Secretary-General is tasked to take charge of the Council’s daily administrative affairs, issue reports of the Council, and handle the Council’s communication with offices, groups inside the Loyola Schools and other external groups.


  • Elite Design and Promotions: creation of promotional graphic designs for council-wide events and activities. EDP is also in charge of designing the various COA deliverables (IDs, pigeonhole labels, business cards) and merchandise.
  • Publications and Documentation (PAD)
    • COA Mail: weekly newsletter, which serves as a central promotional avenue for the different school-wide projects of the organizations.
    • COA Blog: recent news and articles concerning the various activities and people in the council
    • COA Website: contains the COA Mail and Blog
    • Documentation: Event-coverage (photography)

Department of Finance and Marketing

The Office of the Finance Officer functions as the council’s main administrative service arm in terms of finance and marketing.


  • Finance Officer General Assemblies and Departmental Trainings
  • Marketing Seminars
  • Project Grant: provide additional financial assistance to organizational projects.
  • Black Book/Resource Database: contains reliable suppliers and possible sponsors
  • COA Financial Reports: released once every two months
  • Financial Consultation (w/ OSR)

Department of Organization Strategies and Research

The Organization Strategies and Research Department is the auditing and consulting arm of COA. It helps conduct objective and effective evaluations of organizations to uncover opportunities for long-term growth. With these opportunities uncovered, OSR will help orgs arrive at knowledge-based strategies and solutions — looking at both quantitative and qualitative data to arrive at relevant conclusions.


  • Developmental/Internal consultation: Upon request, the department may objectively evaluate the organization to look for areas of improvement or opportunity.
  • Financial Consultation (w/ department of Finance and Marketing)
  • OSR Blog: an effort to provide everyone with access to the best practices of the different organizations and clusters. The blog will also be an avenue to promote new strategies that will fit the context of the different organizations.
  • OSR Database: A collection of general information about the different organizations
  • RecWeek Study, Finance Study, Others.

Department of Training and Development

The Department of Training and Development is a service department of the COA that provides and channels human resources development services to the different accredited organizations and other related units.


  • Technical training services
  • Modules for Planning, Evaluation, and Transition Seminars
  • Facilitators
  • General Departmental Training (COA GDT)
  • COA Leadership Day (COA LeaD)

Department of Special Projects

The Special Projects Department’s key business is to implement council-wide projects duly-approved by the Central Board that involve coordination of all the organizations in the council.


  • Project Management Consultation
  • Council-wide projects: RecWeek, Ugnayan, Blue Christmas, COA Awards
  • COA Project Management Manual